ABW antioxidant supplement combines health benefits of Alfalfa, Barley and Wheatgrass

ABW Leaves of Life is the only natural wholefood supplement that combines Alfalfa, Barley and Wheatgrass – the three nutritional powerhouses, into a single potent super antioxidant. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration and certified 100% organic from Australia, ABW packs the “power of three”. It contains all-natural phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber in every caplet. It is available in sachet foil of 10 caplets (P100), jar of 100 caplets (P900) and pharmacist pack of 10 sachet foils (P1,000) at Mercury Drug outlets and other drugstores nationwide. Consumer hotlines are 524-6549, 354-2208 to 09 and 09474890262. For more information, visit the ABW Leaves of Life facebook page and website www.abwhealth.com.

Regular intake of ABW helps the body fight free radical damage, aging and stress while providing sustained energy throughout the day and a deep and restful sleep at night. It gives you extra energy and helps you rest and recover so you feel rejuvenated after a busy and tiring day.

ABW is also an immune system booster. It increases the immune system by improving body chemistry or regulating your PH levels. It has not just one, but three food sources that aid in correcting the body’s blood chemistry.

Called the “Father of all Foods”, Alfalfa is alkaline so it helps offset the acidic effects of the common diet made up of acidic influencers such as red meat, processed and refined food, deep fried foods, trans-fat, sugar, caffeine and dairy products.

Continued intake of Barley Grass provides energy and helps restore the body’s acid-alkaline balance. It is also rich in live enzymes including Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) and anti-oxidants that help rid the body of toxins and destructive free radicals.

Gluten-free Wheatgrass provides a far greater amount of amino acids and vitamins than other plant sources. It stimulates the immune system and assists in cleansing the blood of impurities.

Because it is made from wholefood raw materials, ABW is more easily absorbed by the body and allows you to fully benefit from the abundant nutrients contained in every ABW caplet.

The Natural Goodness of Cranberry in CranUTI capsule

The most common medicinal use of cranberry is to treat urinary tract infection (UTI). The hippuric acid and the antioxidant proanthocyanidins found in cranberries exhibit anti-adhesive activity that prevents UTI-causing bacteria like E. coli from attaching to cells in the bladder.

Furthermore, the powerful antioxidants in cranberries protect your body’s cells from damage due to free radicals. Studies also suggest that cranberry may help treat peptic ulcer disease and prevent mucous build-up in urine which could reduce the risk of bladder infections. There are also findings that support the potential of cranberry to prevent certain oral bacteria from sticking to the teeth that could lead to dental plaque formation and gum disease. Other actions of cranberry include certain anticancer activities against prostate, colon and oral cancer cells.

The cranberry can be taken medicinally in the form of juice or cranberry extract supplement like CranUTI Nature’s Relief available in Mercury Drug outlets and other drugstores nationwide with customer hotlines (632) 524-6549, (632) 354-2208 to 09 and 0947-4890262.

A drawback to cranberry juice is that it often contains large amounts of sugar or sweetener to neutralize the tartness of the cranberry. This can pose health risks for certain people. All-natural CranUTI dietary supplement contains only the vitamins and minerals of the whole cranberry. Because it is a herbal remedy, it does not have side effects unlike antibiotics which can affect the liver and kidney.

CranUTI is available in sachet foils of 10 capsules (P100), jars of 60 capsules (P550) and pack 10s of 100 capsules (P1000). Each capsule contains 350mg of cranberry. Required dosage is 1 to 2 capsules a day. Since CranUTI is more concentrated than cranberry juice, it is important to drink lots of water when taking it.

It is FDA-approved and safe for children, pregnant women and senior citizens. For more product information, you may visit the CranUTI facebook page and website www.cranuti.com or email info@whealth.com.ph.

If you are taking blood-thinning medications like Coumadin, consult your doctor before taking cranberry medication.


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